Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Review: BarryM Gelly Satsuma

My First Post! I am so excited.

After months of deliberating and contemplating I have finally set up Polished Penny - my very own little nail polish slice of the internet.  I am a little bit of a nail polish addict and I thought this would be the perfect place to share with other like minded people!  Just a simple post today while I find my feet with this blogging malarkey. 



I have had this colour in my stash for a while now and wasn't too keen to use it to begin with as it's not a colour I would normally go for (it was a gift from my lovely sister).  However, she was totally right - this colour is AWESOME! I have a few other of the BarryM Gelly's and have been generally really impressed with the formula and the sheer colour that pops out of them.


I think this is definitely a Summer colour - I am desperately trying to cling on to the last of the Summer even though the nights are drawing in and I can smell Autumn.   I have been really impressed with the staying power of this polish too, I took these pictures on the third day of wearing and no tip wear or chips at all.  I did use a coat of Seche Vite but this has lasted much better than some of my other polished and I have even done the washing up several times!  This of course has made me rush out to but a few more Gelly's so stay tuned for those.

Well... that's the hard bit of the first post over :D

Do you ever find out you love a polish on your nails that you don't like in the bottle?

Bye for now x