Thursday, 5 September 2013

Day 5 of 31 Day Challenge: Blue

Credit to The Nailasaurus and Nailz Craze who have both done beautiful blue and white versions of this.

I hope this counts as blue, I needed something a little bit subtle today!

I have seen this design on The Nailasaurus's blog a while back.  I think her designs are absolutely awesome and decided to attempt one of my very own.  I did a bit of investigating and found that the plate has been designed by Natalie of Nailz Craze and you can buy them here.  So I promptly ordered one.....  It arrived so quick, was very reasonably priced and I was really pleased on first impressions.  The designs looked well etched in and it was a lot bigger than the Bundle Monster plates that I already have.  I was not disappointed... 

I used Barry M White as a base and then used Barry M Gelly Blueberry to stamp on the design.  I was quite impressed with how the Blueberry stamped, it was very opaque but that just be because it was straight onto white.  I love this design.  It reminds me of blue and white china plates.


I can't wait to try the rest of the designs.  I have had a go with the super cute Russian dolls but wasn't overly happy with my colour choices so I will have another attempt at that one. The only slight problem I encountered was that this plate is not backed with paper like my other ones, which means it can scratch a nice wooden table (ask me how I know?!!) - however this is my own silly fault and of course next time I will put a mat down before painting my nails on the coffee table!

What is your favourite stamping design?

Bye for now x