Sunday, 1 September 2013

Essie find and Day 1 of 31 Day Challenge 2013: Red

Two things:

Firstly I popped into the shops earlier to pick up some trousers I had ordered and these accidentally fell into my shopping bag. 

Now for the even better part... LOOK at the price ticket! I couldn't possibly leave them.  I saw some other ladies eyeing them up but I managed to grab them before they did :D

Buying Essies in the UK is a bit of an expensive hobby as they are about £8 each but these work out at a crazy £2 each! That's cheaper than Barry M!

Essie colours in: Over the Edge, Snap Happy, Wrapped in Rubies, Fair Game and Beyond Cozy

Secondly... I have spotted this 31 Day Challenge thing doing the blogger rounds and (foolishly) decided I am going to attempt it. I may not do one a day as I just don't think that will be possible for me with everything else I have to do, but I will try to do 2/3 a week and if I fall along the way... Oh well - never mind!

Here is today's effort in RED:

I used two of my new polishes. I did the main colour in Snap Happy and then sponged on some sparkles in Beyond Cozy.

Are you taking part in 31DC2013? What's your red design?

Bye for now x